Everybody needs a little time away.

42ED7FA7-62BB-4723-A523-342AE603D035One of the greatest gifts in life is the ability to travel, to soak in the many different cultures of our world – but what about being a business owner? Are there really any days off? The truth is as a business owner vacations may seem more like working holidays – especially if you are a sole proprietor.

How do we as entrepreneurs avoid the ”working holiday”? How do we simply “turn it off”? Truthfully, we don’t. It is one of the many reasons we became entrepreneurs in the first place – because we would rather work 80 hours a week for ourselves than 40 hours a week at a 9-5 job. But doesn’t everyone deserve a little time away?

The best holiday is one where you leave your home to go somewhere else and feel like you are away and yes EVERYONE does deserve a little time away… as the band Chicago puts it so beautifully.

Get started today. Evaluate your business annually in order for it to operate on a circadium rythym which will allow it to continue to thrive even while away on holiday. After all just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean your business is and our team of advisors at Dang and Company are ready to help you get started to take the necessary steps and have a REAL holiday.

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A new space.

Did you hear the news?

Dang and Company recently relocated to Robson street in the heart of Downtown Vancouver’s shopping district! Dang and Company was previously located in the financial district, on the edge of Vancouver’s beautiful harbour.

However, just because Dang and Company has relocated their office does not mean there will be any delay in serving your business’ requirements. In fact – due to Dang and Company’s completely electronic and confidential system, you rarely have to be present at the office in order to achieve any type of service Dang and Company can provide to you.

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One in twenty eight million…


1 in 28,633,528 to be exact.

That is your chance at winning at least $15 million in the lotto Max according to CBC  But we keep buying tickets! Let us dig a little deeper shall we? Knowing the odds of the lotto Max  – why is money SO important in most of our lives that we spend five dollars on a lotto ticket against those odds?

According to an article by the BusinessInsider.com “Money makes the best things in life better, wealthy people can choose to spend more time with their family, money provides the opportunity to make new friends, and money isn’t everything but it ranks up there with oxygen!

It’s true, money doesn’t buy happiness. But it will make you more comfortable, open doors, create opportunities, and make the good things in your life even better. It may even save your life or the life of a loved one.“

Does money have to come by way of chance? It does not! Money can come to you when you have control over simple things like monitoring your spending habits. Money can enhance your life in a positive way, and knowing you have people on your side who support that belief will help in your journey to wealth and happiness. Decide today to make money a bigger priority in your life and contact your advisors at Dang and Company for more information.